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April 03, 2006

Where's Your Hostess?

Where, oh where has your hostess gone?
Oh where, oh where has she been?
Well, she's felt real crappy
Hence no posts for a while
...and now she just feels like shit.

Okay, so various combinations of medicine have a way to make even the most stupid stuff seem funny to me, so if you don't like my little song above, I apologize profusely!

I've felt like crap all week. Started with a sore throat and headaches and now seems to be something full blown (add sinus, nose and ears to the mix). I hate being sick, especially on the weekend. If I feel like this when I wake up, 1) no work and 2) doctor appointment. I can only take so much.

Bleh. Hope to be back soon!

UPDATE: Woke up this morning late for work (didn't even hear the alarm that I can recall) and feel even worse. Get to see the poor doctor at 11:15am. I hope he gives me some good drugs. I HATE BEING SICK!!!

UPDATE to the UPDATE: I got antibiotics! Sinus infection, ear infection...they didn't test for strep, but suspect I may have it (but the antibiotics will get it anyway) and thought if it wasn't strep, my allergies may have started all of this. Damn body! We'll see you on the other side of 24 tonight, after some much needed rest!

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