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April 09, 2006


A few random thoughts are going through my head and thought I'd throw them in a post.

Spring is here! We spent a nice part of the day raking (4 lawn bags just from the front yard!) and getting ready for the "big improvement." Our back yard has sucked for quite some time. We recently had a tree removed and now we're taking the plunge....new front deck and patio, new big patio in the back, actual *landscaping* and a new privacy fence. Needless to say our back yard looks like the badlands at the moment, but the improvements commence this week! And other than some scratches and burning nose (damn allergies), we had a nice outdoor day!

Easter is coming. Got the required eggs and dye. Woot! We're ready to go!

The Sopranos is on tonight...and 24 is on tomorrow night. That likely means I won't be blogging until Tuesday. Heh.

The man and I went out and had some adult time Saturday night. A great meal, and a couple of drinks. We didn't know what this whole "dating" thing was all about so we picked up the kids and went home. ;-)

Hubby's evil boss comes back tomorrow and my new boss is supposed to get us all in a room and tell us about the "great secret" he has been working on all week. I brace myself. Between wiping away my hubby's tears (and hiding his guns) and spending hours and hours trying to figure out this new boss, I may not blog until *next* week. Between all of that and my extreme lack of creativity lately.

Saddam is bad, Osama is bad, murders, child abusers and molesters are all bad, too. The weather is good, except for those tornadoes in Tennessee, I was basically told today that I'm evil (along with a few of my friends) and I need to cook dinner. Wow....that was a bit streamy, wasn't it?

Take care and see you all around!

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Good luck this week - sounds like an adventure. You can't be evil - I want to be evil - LOL!

Posted by: Greta (Hooah Wife) at April 9, 2006 08:51 PM



NOT IM NOT YELLING sorry cap lock got stuck

Posted by: Jane at April 9, 2006 09:31 PM
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