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April 03, 2006

24....the Reason for Heart Problems

Soooo....the most important thing to say here is that my HUBBY FELL ASLEEP ON BAUER NIGHT! Oh, and the second most important thing to say is that I can't wait to get to work tomorrow so I can TALK to someone about this episode. ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!

So....not to spoil anything should hubby hop over to my blog, but I do have a couple of things I *have* to say....

I TRULY hate that weasel Homeland Security Guy...who does he think he is?

...and Audrey.....whaaaaah? ...and Chloe....yeah! ...and Bill. Well, and Bill....

...and Jack...and Wayne....and ole Red....oh, and the VEEP....and that one girl....and.....DAYUM!

GAH....I give up. I'm going to go count cracks on the ceiling as I *try* to get to sleep without TALKING about this episode! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

UPDATE: Whew, so hubby watched the episode tonight (Tuesday). Thank GOD! I watched it with him (so what...Jack would *demand* I watch it twice, right?) - mostly so I could watch his reaction at the end. "WTF? Logan???" (okay, something like that...maybe not exactly, but close).

All I gotta say is that next week will be a good one, I'm sure of it!

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My reaction: ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate them!!

Posted by: Ith at April 3, 2006 11:14 PM
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