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March 29, 2006

...just when I think I Can't Be Any More Appalled

Just when I think I've had a bad day, just when I think that I should go to bed and avoid life until tomorrow, I have to read this:

CLARENDON HILLS, Ill. -- An Illinois man accused of choking his 8-year-old daughter, stabbing her and attempting to drown her has been charged with her murder.

Neil Lofquist, 40, was ordered jailed without bond Tuesday.

Do you want to know what this evil human being did to his own daughter, all of eight years old? You likely do not want to know, but I need to tell you anyway.

Prosecutors said Lofquist attempted to strangle his daughter in her bedroom late Sunday while his wife was downstairs and his son was in bed. He then moved the girl to the bathroom, where he attempted to drown her in the toilet and stabbed her in the neck, prosecutors alleged.

And then the "poor guy" went to the hospital to attend *his* wounds. Then, and only then, did authorities get notified, who went to the home and couldn't revive the girl.

Hug your kids at least twice tonight and be thankful this bastard is behind bars.

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